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森田 秀樹


Nickname: Decky

D.O.B: 1960


Outdoors is my specialty—feel free to entrust me with guiding for activities like mountain climbing, backcountry skiing, and canyoning. Having spent my youth around Todai-ji, I'm knowledgeable about temples, shrines, and Shugendo. In recent years, I've been exploring ancient tombs, particularly well-versed in the exploration of massive stone chambers.

Guide Area

All of Japan

Areas of Expertise

Mountain climbing, backcountry skiing, exploration of ancient tombs, mushroom hunting, whale watching, business, meteorologist


Mountain guide for 20 years,

English interpreter guide for 9 years.


Certified guide by the Japan Mountain Guides Association (Mountain Guide, Ski Guide)

Shinshu Mountain Guide (All of Nagano Prefecture)

Registered guide for Mt. Odaigahara

Weather forecaster

General travel business handling manager

Second-class travel business management

Large second-class driver's license

Removal of motorcycle restrictions

First-class ship pilot

Basic Fee

Guide fees vary depending on the content.

Reference daily rate (excluding tax): ¥30,000 to ¥60,000.

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