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The Nara Cenntenial Hall Backstage Tour
Reservation Inquiry 


As detailed in the blog post, The Nara Centennial Hall Backstage Tour is not an event run by our center. We are acting as an intermediary for the hall to help them with bookings and promotion.


Before making a reservation inquiry, please check this link to see if there are already any tours booked for your desired date that you can join

To facilitate as fast and as smooth a process as possible, we kindly ask you to fill in the form below. Please do this whether you would like to join an existing tour or inquire about creating a new one.


Once your inquiry has been received, you will be sent an email either confirming your request or suggesting some alternative dates should your request clash with an existing performace at the hall.

This may take a few days, so please be patient. If you haven't heard from us within a week, please contact us directly.     

Backstage Tour Inquiry Form

Choose your tour date

 Terms and Conditions 

Due to the nature of being an event hall, parts or all of the scheduled tour may be cancelled at short notice as per the requirements of various performances. This is especially the case for The Harmony Hall and the catwalk. Should these changes occur, we will endeavour to contact you to inform you. The Nara Centennial Hall does not assume responsibility for any personal injury, death or property damage in association with the tour. 

NARA Visitor Center & Inn serves to support the activities of The Nara Centennial Hall by providing information and assistance in bookings. NARA Visitor Center & Inn does not engage in mediation or intermediary services after providing said assistance. Additionally, NARA Visitor Center & Inn assumes no responsibility and is not involved in any complaints, disputes, or damages arising from the activities conducted through said assistance. NARA Visitor Center & Inn has no obligation to compensate for any damages incurred by The Nara Centennial Hall or third parties resulting from their activities. 


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