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Little Oven

A unique hybrid of a chic cafe called "Little Oven" and a boutique order-made furniture workshop called "MINE".

Little Oven & MINE

NARA Visitor Center & Inn ESL Lessons

Download the PDF lesson plan.

ESL Lesson Plan Little Oven - OFFICIAL
Download PDF • 1.84MB

1. Introduction.

Tell us about a cafe you often go to. What do you like about it?


2. Vocabulary bank.

Match these words to the correct definitions underneath.

  1. chic                                             

  2. murmur                                       

  3. charming                                    

  4. furniture                                      

  5. stunning                                      

  6. mouthwatering                            

  7. showcase                                   

  8. option                                          

  9. creation                                     

  10. adjacent                                      

  11. fittings                                       

  12. embody                                   

  13. comfort                                      

  14. inspiration.

  15. visible                                        

Can be seen.

Next to something.

Chairs and tables etcetera.

Pleasing and attractive.

Source of an idea.

Nice-looking and stylish.

Feeling of physical relaxation.

Accessories and extra parts.

Surprisingly attractive or beautiful.

Food looking delicious.

To speak softly and quietly.


Presentation to show the good qualities of something.

Something that has been made.

To be the best example of something. 


3. Video: First watch. 

Listening questions.

Question 1. What is unique about Little Oven and MINE? 

Question 2. What makes the desserts at Little Oven special?


4. Video: Second watch. Fill in the blanks in the narration. 

On the banks of the Yoshino ___________ in Higashi-Yoshino ___________ lies a unique hybrid shop, "Little Oven," which is both a chic cafe and a boutique order-made furniture workshop called "MINE." The shop is run by a charming husband and wife __________ who moved to the area a few years ago to realize their dreams. The stunning ________________ surrounding Higashi-Yoshino Village serves as a source of inspiration for the artists and creative types living there.

At "Little Oven," you can enjoy mouthwatering ____________ while taking in the murmurings of the Yoshino River below and the natural scenery ____________ window. The adjacent furniture workshop, "MINE," is visible through ceiling-to-floor glass, where you can watch husband Wataru work on his _____________ creations.

The furniture and fittings at "Little Oven" are made by "MINE," showcasing the level of style, quality, and ____________ embodied in Wataru's work. The shop also offers take-out options and allows _______________ to order baked sweets through their online shop. 


5. Comprehension exercises.

True or False?

  1. ”Little Oven" and "MINE" is a chic cafe located in a bustling city.

  2. The husband and wife team moved to the area recently to pursue their dreams.

  3. The stunning natural scenery surrounding Higashi-Yoshino Village serves as inspiration for many artists living there.

  4. "Little Oven" offers delicious desserts made by another company.

Memory Testers


  1. This video is about

a. A river in Higashi-Yoshino.

b. A unique kind of cafe and workshop.

      c. Furniture making.

2. Higashi-Yoshino is

      a. A village.

      b. A town.

      c. A city.

3. Customers can

      a. Watch furniture being made.

      b. Make tables and chairs.

      c. Bake cakes.


6. Grammar.

Complete these sentences using either "and" or "but."

  1. ”Little Oven" offers delicious desserts, ____ their furniture is equally fascinating.

  2. The shop is small ____charming.

  3. The Yoshino River flows nearby ____ the natural scenery enhances the ambiance.

  4. The furniture ____ fittings at "Little Oven" are made by “MINE.”

  5. The shop is not only a cafe, ____ also a workshop.

Select the correct definitions for these two-word verbs.

  1. Take-in                                                           Carry food from a restaurant to eat at home.

  2. Take-out                                                         Remove something like clothing.

  3. Take-off                                                          Experience and understand something.


Rearrange these words to form correct sentences.

  1. is / on / “Little Oven and MINE” / of / Yoshiko River / the / located / the / banks

  2. scenery / the / enjoy / stunning / customers / can 

  3. sweets / be / online / can / ordered / baked


Find synonyms for these words from the Vocabulary bank in part 2.

  1. Appealing                  

  2. Fashionable              

  3. Alongside                   

  4. Amazing                    

  5. Observable    


7. Discussion.

  • Have you ever been to a unique hybrid shop or cafe?

  • What kind of desserts do you find appealing?

  • Would you like to visit "Little Oven" and "MINE"? Why or why not?

  • Use your imagination to create a unique hybrid shop combining two different businesses.


Download the PDF lesson plan.

ESL Lesson Plan Little Oven
Download PDF • 1.84MB

The answer key can be found at the end of the PDF file.

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