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Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park

A retro amusement park at the top of Mt. Ikoma, dating back to 1929.

Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park 

NARA Visitor Center & Inn ESL Lessons

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NVC ESL lessons Ikoma Sanjo - OFFICIAL
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1. Introduction.

Can you name a famous amusement park?


2. Vocabulary bank.

Match these words to the correct definitions on the right. 

Match these words to the correct definitions on the right. There are 2 verbs, 4 nouns and 10 adjectives.

  1. compact                                                   

  2. charming                                                  

  3. virtual                                                       

  4. exist                                                       

  5. elevation                                                  

  6. aerial                                                        

  7. retro                                                       

  8. foster                                                          

  9. iconic                                                       

  10. attraction                                                  

  11. stunning                                                   

  12. basin                                                        

  13. appealing                                                 

  14. soaring                                                     

  15. obstacle                                                   

  16. renowned                                                 

a. Extremely attractive or beautiful.

b. Widely recognised as a symbol of excellence.

c. Rising high into the air.

d. Something enjoyable to see or do.

e. Small and neatly arranged.

f. Nearly as described.

g. Known and admired by many people. 

h. Deliberately old-fashioned.

i. A barrier or obstruction.

j. Have a place in reality.

k. Pleasant and admirable.

l. Having an interesting or attractive quality.

m. Operating in the air.

n. Promote the development of something.

o. A low area often surrounded by mountains.


 3. Video: First watch. 

Listening questions.

Question 1. How high is Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park?

Question 2. When was it built?


4. Video: Second watch. Fill in the blanks in the narration. 


Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park is located at the _______________ of Mt. Ikoma at an elevation of 642 meters. This compact and charming amusement park is _________________ to some iconic attractions  like the “Cycle Monorail”, an aerial cycling ________________ like no other, the Puka Puka Panda Sky Train - a monorail which circles over a large portion of the park and the 30m high Airplane Tower - Japan’s _____________ existing large-scale amusement ride. 

In addition to its wide range of rides and attractions - from retro arcades to modern virtual reality rides, the park’s soaring elevation treats you to _________________ views, making it appealing to people of all ages and persuasions.

The park, built in 1929, offers you clear, unhindered views of the Nara Basin and the Osaka plain. On clear days, it’s also ________________ to see as far as Awaji Island and the Akashi-kaikyo bridge in Hyogo prefecture. 
During the summer months, the park stays open until the late evening -   so it’s also a great place for couples to enjoy a ______________ evening with stunning views of the Osaka nightscape.

Part of the ____________ of visiting for young children is riding the cute cablecars from Kintetsu Ikoma Station to the top of the mountain.   The ___________  cable car station is right in front of the entrance to the park where you will be pleasantly surprised to see that there is no entry fee - instead, you will need to pay for each ride individually. 

The pricing system offers you several options from buying individual ticket rides to ticket books or day passes. There are however, a few attractions that require ____________  payments not covered by day passes so you’ll need to have a bit of cash on hand.

Within the grounds is also the extremely popular "PLAY PEAK ITADAKI," Japan’s largest playground supervised by the renowned ___________ company "Bornelund". Attractions here include a sky terrace, cafe, water park and obstacle course - all geared towards fostering a sense of _____________ and curiosity in children aged 1 and up. 
Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park may lack the razzle-dazzle of Tokyo Disney Land or USJ, but the retro feel and wholesome family appeal is what makes it so _____________ - a great day out for the family.


5. Comprehension exercises.

True or False?

  1. The Puka Puka Panda Sky Train is a monorail.

  2. The park’s Airplane Tower is 300 meters high.

  3. The park is appealing to all kinds of people.

  4. It has wonderful views because it is high up.

  5. There is a small entrance fee.

Memory testers.

This video is about...

      a. Mt. Ikoma, a mountain in Nara prefecture.

      b. A great place for a family day out.

      c. Famous amusement parks of Japan.

The Puka Puka Panda Sky Train is...

      a. Unique.

      b. A cable car.

      c. Japan’s oldest large-scale amusement ride.

When visiting Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park you should take...

      a. A picnic.

      b. Some cash.

      c. A ticket book.


6. Grammar.

This compact and charming amusement park is home to some iconic attractions”

The conjunction and is used to join adjectives, nouns and clauses when both parts are in agreement - i.e. positive or negative. Where there is disagreement, but is used; “Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park may lack the razzle-dazzle of Tokyo Disney Land or USJ, but the retro feel and wholesome family appeal is what makes it so special”.

Complete these sentences using either and or but.

1.   The hotel staff are all friendly ______ helpful.

  1. Cycling is a convenient form of transport ______ an enjoyable pastime for many people.

  2. The trip was wonderful ______ expensive.

  3. There will be rain on Saturday, _____ Sunday will be windy as well as wet.

  4. That’s a good movie, _____ it’s very sad.

  5. The combination of a balanced diet _____ sufficient exercise is key to a healthy life.

  6. I don’t enjoy housework _____ it is necessary.

  7. We saw the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomph, _____ we didn’t have time to visit the Louvre.

  8. The resort is popular with young _____ old alike, _____ also very affordable.

  9. The cottage was of modest appearance, ______ located in an area of stunning natural beauty.


Rearrange these words to form correct sentences.

  1. summer / park / the / stays / the / late / during / open

  2. few / cash / a / require / payments / attractions 

  3. family / day / a / for / great / the / out


Find synonyms for these words from the Vocabulary bank in part 2.

1. appealing  2. renowned  3. obstacle  4. iconic  5. compact  6. retro


7. Discussion.

Have you ever been to a famous amusement park?

What kinds of rides and attractions do you like? Why?

Are there any that you dislike? If so, why?

Would you like to live near an amusement park? Why? / Why not?

Use your experience and imagination to invent a new amusement park ride.

Download the PDF lesson plan with answer key

Ikoma Sanjo ESL Lessons
Download PDF • 1.41MB


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