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Hakusui-en Pear Orchard

Let's go pear-picking in the Nara countryside.

Hakusui-en Pear Orchard

NARA Visitor Center & Inn ESL Lessons

Download the PDF lesson plan.

NVC ESL OFFICIAL lessons Hakusui-en Pear Orchard
Download PDF • 1.67MB

1. Introduction.

Have you ever visited a place known for its natural beauty and agricultural treasures?


2. Vocabulary bank.

Match these words to the correct definitions underneath

  1. abundant

  2. cultivated

  3. blast

  4. roaming   

  5. satisfying

  6. watery

  7. orchard  

  8. highlands

  9. juicy

  10. crisp

  11. texture

  12. nutritious

  13. antioxidants 

  14. seasonal

  15. pricing

  16. varieties 

Firm, making a sharp sound when bitten.

Moving around freely and without a fixed plan.

Deciding the cost or value of something. 

Related to a specific time of the year. 

A strong burst of something.

When there is a lot of something.    

The way something feels to touch or eat.

Substances that protect cells from damage. 

Different types or kinds of something.

Full of liquid. 

A place where fruit trees are grown. 

When a fruit is full of sweet liquid. 

An area of hills and mountains.

Making you feel pleased and contented.

Grown for human use.                                     



3. Video: First watch. 

Listening questions.

Question 1. How many varieties of pears are cultivated in Hakusui-en?

Question 2. When does the pear-picking season usually start?


4. Video: Second watch. Fill in the blanks in the narration. 

Blessed with abundant nature, ______________ water, and rich soil, it's no surprise that Oyodo town in Yoshino is ______________ to a number of fruit farms and orchards. We decided to take a trip out to Hakusui-en, a pear orchard in the Highlands of Oyodo town. The orchard dates back to __________ , and now a total of 12 varieties of pear are cultivated here, including classics like Kosui and Hosui, and new varieties such as Akizuki and Kanta.

As ____________ would have it, we timed our visit with bad weather, but that didn't stop us from having a blast roaming the orchard in search of the largest, freshest pears available. The staff ____________ us with giant raincoats which kept us completely dry, and they were super friendly and helpful throughout. Unlike Western pears, Japanese pears are ___________ round and look more like a cooking apple than the bottom-weighted figure eight shape that Westerns may be used to.

They are juicy without being overly watery, crisp without being acidic and possess a satisfying ____________ that sits perfectly between crunchy and melt-in-the-mouth. Japanese pears are also extremely nutritious, ________________ fiber, vitamins C and K, a good source of copper and potassium and contain many antioxidants. Although you will rarely find pears served in Japan with the __________ still on.

Due to their relatively ____________ and large size, Japanese pears are often given as gifts or served to guests. The pear-selling season is from July to December. Picking season usually starts in __________ and often runs into early __________ .  Although the exact number varies depending on which pears are picked the general price for pear picking at Hakusui-en is ¥1,500 for adults to pick 5 pears and it’s ¥900 for children to pick 3 pears.


5. Comprehension exercises.

True or False?

1. Japanese pears are usually small and elongated in shape. 

2. Pears are in season from July to December. 

3. Picking season usually ends in October. 

4. Hakusui-en orchard cultivates only three varieties of pears. 

5. Pears are often given as gifts or served to guests in Japan. 

Memory Testers

    1. This video is about

        a. A famous amusement park

        b. A pear orchard in Oyodo town

        c. Fruit farms in Yoshino

   2. The pear-picking season usually starts in

       a. July

       b. August

       c. September


6. Grammar.

Provide the correct form of the verb in parenthesis.

  • The staff (provide) us with raincoats.

  • Japanese pears are often (give) as gifts or (serve) to guests.

  • Picking season usually (start) in August.

  • The orchard (date) back to 1894 and now a total of 12 varieties of pear (cultivate) here. 

  • The exact number (vary) depending on which pears are picked.

  • The pear selling season (be) from July to December. 


Rearrange these words to form correct sentences.

1. pear / Hakusui-en / cultivates / varieties / of / a / total / 12

2. friendly / helpful / staff / and / were / the / super

3. juicy / watery / without / overly / being / They / are


Find synonyms for these words from the Vocabulary bank in part 2.

1. appealing  2. renowned  3. obstacle  4. iconic  5. compact  6. retro


7. Discussion.

  • Have you ever visited a fruit orchard?

  • What fruits are grown in your region?

  • Do you enjoy picking fruit?

  • Would you like to try Japanese pears?

  • Imagine you visited Hakusui-en Pear Orchard. Write a short paragraph about your experience and what you enjoyed the most.


Download the PDF lesson plan.

NVC ESL OFFICIAL lessons Hakusui-en Pear Orchard
Download PDF • 1.67MB

The answer key can be found at the end of the PDF file.

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