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黒松 賀子


D.O.B: 1976

Nickname: Lucy


Originally I am from another prefecture, but I fell in love in Nara, and I can't even think about leaving here. Why don't you enjoy Nara other than the deer and the Great Buddha together with me? There are many beautiful places in Nara that are not yet known. Let's have the first experience together in the place where Japan started.

Guide Area

Asuka Village, Nara City, Sakurai city, Tenri City, Kashihara City, Kashiba City, Katsuragi City, Oji Town, Kawai Town, Koryo Town, Takatori Town, Uda City.

Areas of Expertise

Walking, cycling, hiking and local food.


Cycling-based historical and sightseeing tours within Asuka Village.

Additionally, small-group sightseeing tours within Nara city.


Asuka Region Guide Interpreter

Test of World Heritage Study Level 2

Nara Mahoroba Sommelier Highest Level  

Basic Fee

Guide Conditions: Available for half-day or full-day tours.

Reference Fee: Starting from ¥2,500 per hour (additional fees for transportation, tour-related expenses, etc.), with a minimum of 4 hours per tour. The pricing may vary depending on the content of the tour.

Accommodation costs are separate if included.

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