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D.O.B: 1967

Nickname: Kazu


I'm a friendly person who loves meeting new people. Born and raised in Nara prefecture, I am proud of the expansive blue sky that stretches over its mountains. I'm excited to invite you to explore this enchanting place, adorned with stunning scenery. Nara, once Japan's capital until the 8th century, marks the birthplace of the nation's political and cultural heritage. The prefecture still preserves numerous structures and relics from that era, including venerable Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Additionally, Nara is renowned for its picturesque landscapes. Let's go explore Nara together!

Guide Area

Nara City

Kashihara City

Asuka Village

Areas of Expertise

Temples, shrines, and ancient tombs.


I have guided mainly in Kashihara City and Asuka Village.


National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter

Asuka Reginal Guide Interpreter

Basic Fee

Tour Guide Fee: 3,000 yen per hour for each group, with a minimum requirement of 3 hours. This rate is applicable for groups of up to 5 persons.

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