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IWAMOTO Yoshifumi


岩本 好史


D.O.B: 1960

Nickname: Yoshi


Welcome to the ancient city of Nara! Nara is not only about the Deer Park; it's filled with numerous historical landmarks and cultural sites. Leveraging my local network, I can offer unique tours in Nara City, Asuka Village, and Yoshino Town. Additionally, I can guide you through the major cities in the Kansai region.

Guide Area

Nara Prefecture, especially Nara City, Kashihara City, Asuka Village, Yoshino Town, Osaka City, Kyoto City, Kobe City

Areas of Expertise

Walking tours of tourist spots and shop hopping centered around Nara.


More than 10 tours in Osaka, several in Nara City and Mount Yoshino. In addition, I have volunteered in Kashihara City and Asuka Village, among others.


National Government Licensed Interpreter Guide

Asuka Region Interpreter Guide

Nara Mahoroba Sommelier Level 1

Basic Fee

1 hour ¥2,500

During your tour, please note that transportation costs, admission fees, meal expenses, etc., will be covered by the customer, including the cost for the guide.

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