Have you ever wondered what your name might look like written in Japanese? 


Let us write it for you.

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What is katakana?

There are 48 components of katakana. The syllabic script is mainly used for writing foreign language words and loan words into Japanese.

They correspond to hiragana but are more angular in appearance. 

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How to participate

Fill out the simple form below and give us any necessary pronunciation pointers. 

E.g.  For the name "Emily," something like this would be helpful:

E (like end)

mi (like Mississippi) 

ly (like Lee jeans)

We will also consult www.pronouncenames.com


We will expertly hand write your name in kanji characters and in katakana on A4 paper.

We will email it to you as a jpeg and also provide you with the meanings of the kanji.

Print it out and enjoy!



This example is the kanji characters for "Mark"

真 (ma) true

明 ('a' elongation) bright

久 (ku) eternal




This example is for "Alice"

愛 (a) love

莉 (ri) jasmine

寿 (su) longevity/congratulations

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This service is usually reserved for people that actually visit our center in Nara, but due to the Corona travel restrictions, we have decided to offer it to all our friends and supporters free of charge online.

We look forward to receiving your submission. 

Please input a one-word name only. Either your first name or family name. 

 Your Name in Kanji


*We reserve the right to not use your submission if we deem it to be offensive or in any way inappropriate. 

Depending on how many submissions we receive, it may take a while to process everyone's form. Please be patient.