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We are inviting all friends of NARA Visitor Center & Inn to participate in our Nara Deer Origami Wish Project.

NVC Deer Wish Project.jpg

Come visit us!

Write your wish on some origami paper - we have lots of cool designs to choose from. Then make a deer from that paper. 


Our staff will show you how to fold a deer - you are free to take your time and try again if you like.

NVC deer wish origami.png

When you are done, drop your deer into the special 'wish box' we have made.


For Online Participants -

we will do all that for you!

Nara Deer Origami.jpg

We will run this project until the end of the year. We are currently thinking of interesting ways to conclude the project. 

Please share your ideas with us!

NVC | origami.jpg

Thanks for joining in!

We hope your wish comes true!


Download our detailed guide and try for yourself at home.

If you can't find any specialist origami paper, any paper roughly 15cm x 15cm will do - but it needs to be rather thin. 

Make a wish


Send us your wish via our contact form below and we will print it out on origami paper. A member of staff will then make a deer from it and add it to the 'wish box' for you.


We will take some pictures of your deer and share them on SNS - you can chose whether to keep your wish secret or share it with everyone


Lets get folding! 

Participate Online


You are free to write your wish in your preferred language.

*We reserve the right to not use your submission if we deem it to be offensive or in any way inappropriate. 

Depending on how many wishes we receive, it may take a while to process everyone's form. Please be patient.

Online Participation Form

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